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Sweaney painting and atkinson and associates

Sweaney Inc’s Latest Project: LZ Properties in Lancaster

Sweaney Inc. is excited to announce our latest project in collaboration with Atkinson and Associates: the transformation of LZ Properties in Lancaster.

Plaster Construction Crew Bakersfield

Plaster Construction Crew at Work on the City Serve Project

In the world of construction, the devil is truly in the details. It’s the fine touches, the seamless finishes, and the dedicated hands that transform a good project into a great one.

Elevating Construction Standards: The Lyles Storage Building Project with Klassen Corp

In the dynamic world of construction, collaboration and expertise stand as pillars of success. At Sweaney Inc, we’re thrilled to highlight our latest venture – a significant project that not only showcases our expertise but also our commitment to excellence.

Sweaney Inc & Atkinson: Reviving Sacred Heart Church

Reviving Lancaster’s Beacon of Faith: The Sacred Heart Church Project

In a noteworthy collaboration that speaks volumes about craftsmanship and community spirit,


Ultra-Light Drywall: Changing the Game in Construction

The construction industry has welcomed a significant innovation: ultra-light drywall. At Sweaney Inc., we’re exploring how this material revolutionizes handling and installation,

Sweaney Inc at the Forefront of Innovation: The City Serve Modular Housing Project

At Sweaney Inc Painting & Drywall, we’re not just builders; we’re innovators and community changemakers. Our latest collaboration with Klassen Corporation on the City Serve modular housing project in downtown Bakersfield exemplifies this ethos.

Commercial Painting and Drywall Services: The Sweaney Inc Touch in Trinity Anglican Church Project

At the core of our community, the Trinity Anglican Church stands as a symbol of architectural elegance and communal spirit.


Bakersfield Painter Sweaney Inc Spotlight: The Artisan Square Project

The bustling city of Bakersfield, CA, is ever-growing, with new commercial and residential areas dotting its skyline. Among the recent remarkable additions is the Artisan Square shopping center,


Hoffman Hospice Bakersfield Building Project

Hoffman Hospice: A Landmark Collaboration Between Sweaney Inc and Klassen Corporation in Bakersfield

When it comes to the realm of healthcare,


Rock Harbor Church: A Sweaney Inc & Klassen Corporation Collaboration in Bakersfield

Project Highlight: Rock Harbor Church, Bakersfield, CA

In the bustling vicinity of Bakersfield, CA, stands the Rock Harbor Church,

Choosing Sweaney Inc: The Premier Drywall Contractor in Bakersfield

Bakersfield has seen rapid development over the years, with many new commercial and residential buildings dotting its skyline. A significant aspect of building or renovating any structure is ensuring its interiors are top-notch.

The Top Reasons to Hire Sweaney Inc, the Premier Painting Contractor in Bakersfield

When revitalizing your space, whether it’s a home, hotel, or industrial building, a fresh coat of paint can drastically transform its aura.

Sweaney Inc 2023 Safety Training

We have our Safety Training today, and the crew is getting updated.

Injury and Illness Prevention

Hazards Communication/Heat Illness Prevention 

Why Choose a Professional Commercial Painting Service in Bakersfield?

When considering ways to upgrade or maintain your commercial property, don’t underestimate the transformative power of professional painting. The importance of quality in commercial painting extends beyond simple aesthetics.

Now Hiring at Sweaney Inc

Join the team, we are hiring for all positions framers, drywall hangers, drywall taper/finishers, lathers,

Completed Woodsprings Suites lath and plaster project.

WoodSpring Suites Bakersfield Airport

8740 Spectrum Park Way,

Towne Place Suites hotel project in Tehachapi – Sweaney Inc

The Towne Place Suites hotel project in Tehachapi. This project is a 3 story 82 room hotel.

Bill Wright Toyota exterior facade improvement project.

We recently started a project at Bill Wright Toyota. Here’s a few picture of Sweaney Inc. Employees Cesar Viscarra and Mason Moreno working on the exterior facade improvement project.

California Resources Corporation Tenant Improvement project Valencia Ca – Sweaney Inc

Framing and drywall going on at the California Resources Corporation Tenant Improvement project for Keane Constructors in Valencia Ca

Sweaney Inc Painting Project in Ventura CA

Westview Village Multi Family project in Ventura.

This was a great project that we completed along side Cannon Constructors. This painting project was 131 units, 18 buildings,

Sweaney Inc. Is partnering with Keane Constructors

Sweaney Inc. Is partnering with Keane Constructors on a 30,000 sf tenant improvement for California Resources Corporation office in Valencia.  Framing has begun.

Head of wall fire spray system

Sweaney applied all the head of wall fire spray/fire stop materials at the Paramount Citrus Plant project. This is a non combustible sprayed on coating to seal fire rated walls to the fire rated metal deck assemblies. 

Central Valley Ross Distribution Center

Sweaney is subcontracted by HM Corporation to help complete their enormous 1,700,000 sf Ross Central Valley Distribution facility in Shafter,

Multi Family Apartment Projects

Sweaney has become a premier apartment contractor performing drywall, painting & plaster for many multi family projects throughout central California.

Sweaney Inc Bakersfield CA Drywall, Paint, Plaster truck


For the past 20 years we’ve been turning our customer’s ideas into a reality. When it comes to wall finishes we’ve got you covered.

Cypress Seniors Apartment Community

Sweaney was subcontracted by Pacific West Builders to provide the Drywall, Stucco & Painting on this 65,000 square foot 3 story Senior Apartment.

Custom Foam Cornice Shapes

Here at Sweaney we have years of experience with foam cornice shapes! These are some of the foam cornice shapes we have used at Gosford Village retail shops.

Agricultural Storage Facility

Sweaney was again working with Younglove Construction to build Paramount Farms this 168,000 square feet concrete tilt wall addition to their primary storage facility near Shafter,

FireTrak System

Sweaney recently used the FireTrak System on our Porterville Dialysis Center project. This head of wall track system is used to allow deflection for the full height studs while allowing 2 layers of drywall to be installed to maintain the fire-rating of the wall assembly.

Paramount Farms Citrus Plant

Sweaney contracted with Younglove Construction on this new citrus processing plant for Paramount Farms in Delano, Ca.

New Modern Medical Services Bldg.

This is the new 37,000 square foot Houchin Blood Bank in Bakersfield, Ca. Sweaney was subcontracted by Wallace & Smith to provide the metal stud framing,

2 Story Office Expansions

Sweaney is back at Paramount Citrus plant in Delano, Ca. to help construct a 20,000 square feet 2 story addition to the 41,000 sf office building.

New Women’s Medical Center

Sweaney was subcontracted by Wattenbarger Wells general contractors to provide the interior metal stud framing & drywall for the new 47,000 square foot San Dimas Medical Center.

OSHPOD Hospital Addition

Sweaney is about to begin work on a 20 bed addition for Health South rehabilitation hospital. We are looking forward to participating in a project that improves the medical care in our local community.

The Shops at Riverwalk - Sweaney Inc shopping center

Commercial Retail Development

Sweaney is onsite at The shops at Riverwalk project. We are subcontracting with S C Anderson to provide the metal studs &

Corporate Maintenance/Expansion

Sweaney Inc. is a long term construction partner with Nestle/Dreyers to maintain & expand their facility in Bakersfield, Ca. 

Three Story Office Complex Renovation

Sweaney was excited to be subcontracted by Wallace & Smith to work with Aera Energy Corp. to update & modernize their 60,000 sq ft facility as needed.

Steel Building Systems W/ Office Wing

We have a lot of experience with steel buildings: Constructing an office space inside a steel building system always requires some planning &

Grand Islands Retail Shops Bakersfield Sweaney Inc Paint

New Commercial Retail Development (5 bldgs)

Sweaney contracted with Wallace & Smith General Contractors to provide the lath & plaster work at the Grand Islands Village project in Bakersfield Ca.