Central Valley Ross Distribution Center

Sweaney is subcontracted by HM Corporation to help complete their enormous 1,700,000 sf Ross Central Valley Distribution facility in Shafter, Ca. We are performing the metal studs & drywall at the Admin & core office packages as well as the shipping office, maintenance office and several site restrooms. We are also performing the painting inside & out for this facility. This includes a textured elastomeric coating on the exterior tilt wall surfaces, drywall surfaces, metal stairs, handrails, hollow metal doors & frames.

IMG_1165-1024x764IMG_1166-1024x764 IMG_1426-1024x764 IMG_1640-1024x764 This building is enormous, we used 5 boom lifts & 12 painters to get it done!

IMG_1928-1024x764 After we sprayed the textured paint (base coat) we painted the stripes (non-textured)

IMG_1925-1024x764 This textured elastomeric coating requires a special heavy duty pump

IMG_1930-1024x764This building had over 250,000 SF of tilt wall surfaces to paint!

IMG_1931-1024x764 IMG_1935-1024x764IMG_1949-1024x764All The man door stairs had to be painted


IMG_1945-1024x764We painted miles of stairs & handrail inside

IMG_19461-1024x764IMG_14281-1024x764IMG_1943-1024x764 IMG_1944-1024x764We painted more than 120,000 SF of drywall at the office spaces

IMG_1942-1024x764We installed 460 pieces of 4×9 FRP at the restrooms & janitor rooms