Sweaney Painting Spraying over 100,000 square feet of exposed decking with Sherwin Williams dryfall paint.

The Floor Decor project in Bakersfield CA is getting updated. Here are a few pictures of the Sweaney Inc painting crew spraying over 100,000 square feet of exposed decking with Sherwin Williams Dryfall paint. 

Dry fall, also referred to as Drop Dry, is a type of paint that contains additives which allow paint droplets to dry rapidly, in the space of ten feet, for example. When applied, the paint falls, dries and then can be swept away, eliminating the risk of traditional spray painting used by many commercial painters.

Dryfall is a high-hiding interior acrylic coating for use over prepared ceilings and walls of commercial and industrial buildings. It is designed to provide a uniform finish on a variety of industrial construction materials with minimum amounts of overspray.

Waterborne Acrylic Dryfall is designed for professional airless spray application to interior ceilings and wall areas that are not subject to wear. With proper height/ clearance, overspray is dry before it settles on floors, machinery or equipment. The dry overspray can then be easily removed by sweeping or by vacuum. The bright, full-hiding, white can help increase an area’s lighting efficiency.

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