Bakersfield Painter Sweaney Inc Spotlight: The Artisan Square Project

The bustling city of Bakersfield, CA, is ever-growing, with new commercial and residential areas dotting its skyline. Among the recent remarkable additions is the Artisan Square shopping center, a perfect confluence of architectural beauty and functional retail spaces, located strategically on Allen Road and Brimhall Road.

Sweaney Inc’s Pivotal Role

At the core of this project was a unique collaboration. While Klassen Corporation was at the forefront, designing and overseeing the on and off-site improvements, Sweaney Inc, one of the top Bakersfield painters, was behind the scenes, working diligently to bring the vision to life.

Our team at Sweaney Inc undertook the challenging yet rewarding tasks of stud metal framing, drywall installation, painting and stucco work. The very skeleton of the retail center, the robust metal framing, was executed with precision. The drywall installations complemented the framing, offering a canvas for our next task – painting.

Renowned as a commercial painter in Bakersfield, our expertise was evident in the flawless paintwork, breathing life into the retail spaces. Aesthetics matters, especially in a high-end retail environment. The hues chosen and the quality of the finish mirror the elegance that Artisan Square aspires to offer its visitors.

The Grandeur of Artisan Square

Spanning across 15 acres, Artisan Square isn’t just another retail spot in Bakersfield. It promises to be a hub of activity with its six building pads, outdoor terrace, and much more. It beckons retailers and businesses to set up shop in one of its certified building pads and future development zones. Infrastructure, landscaping, traffic amenities, utility connections – all were crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

But beyond the structural and logistical accomplishments, the ambiance matters. And that’s where the magic of a commercial painter in Bakersfield comes into play. The vibrancy, the finesse, and the finishing touches ensure that Artisan Square isn’t just a shopping center; it’s an experience.


Artisan Square is a testament to what can be achieved when architects, designers, builders, and expert Bakersfield painters like Sweaney Inc come together. The commercial hub stands as a beacon of quality craftsmanship, structural brilliance, and aesthetic appeal, all set to welcome businesses and shoppers alike.

If you’re looking for impeccable craftsmanship and the touch of the best Bakersfield painter for your next project, Sweaney Inc stands ready to transform your vision into reality.