The Top Reasons to Hire Sweaney Inc, the Premier Painting Contractor in Bakersfield

When revitalizing your space, whether it’s a home, hotel, or industrial building, a fresh coat of paint can drastically transform its aura. In Bakersfield, there’s one name that stands out when it comes to professional painting and related services: Sweaney Inc. Established in 1992, we bring decades of experience to the table. Here’s why choosing us is a brilliant decision.

Local Expertise Backed by Years of Experience

Bakersfield’s unique climate demands specific knowledge when it comes to painting. With scorching summers and mild winters, choosing the right paint and application technique is crucial. At Sweaney Inc, we’re not just another painting contractor in Bakersfield; we’ve honed our skills for nearly three decades. Our experience ensures that your paint withstands Bakersfield’s specific weather challenges.

Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

Beyond painting, Sweaney Inc offers a range of services tailored for Bakersfield’s residential and commercial needs. From drywall installations and metal stud framing to plastering and more, we’re equipped to handle projects of any size. Our skilled team has done it all, whether it’s a grand hotel, a sprawling factory, a serene church, or modern office buildings.

Quality That Speaks for Itself

Our painting jobs at Sweaney Inc are about delivering perfection. Each stroke reflects our commitment to excellence. Our team ensures that surfaces are impeccably prepped, primed, and finished. But don’t just take our word for it; our projects across Bakersfield showcase our quality and attention to detail.

Saving You Time and Money

While DIY can be tempting, professional services like those at Sweaney Inc offer efficiency. Our experience allows us to swiftly assess and execute projects, ensuring no costly mistakes or unnecessary delays. From factories to churches and from industrial buildings to offices, we’ve streamlined our process to deliver results efficiently.

Safety and Modern Trends Go Hand in Hand

Especially in large projects like hotels or industrial buildings, safety is paramount. Sweaney Inc is equipped with the right tools and safety equipment, ensuring all projects are completed safely. Moreover, being in the industry since 1992, we’ve seen trends evolve. We stay updated, ensuring your spaces are modern and stylish.


Choosing a painting contractor isn’t just about color – it’s about trust, expertise, and quality. With Sweaney Inc, residents and businesses in Bakersfield get more than just a painting service; they get a partner dedicated to beautifying spaces. Established in 1992, our legacy is evident in numerous Bakersfield landmarks. For a complete solution in painting, drywall, and more, trust the experts at Sweaney Inc.

Call us today for your next painting or drywall project at (661) 833-0625