Three Story Office Complex Renovation

Sweaney was excited to be subcontracted by Wallace & Smith to work with Aera Energy Corp. to update & modernize their 60,000 sq ft facility as needed. Work included for this project is metal stud framing, drywall & painting.

In the past year we have already completed:

  • 2nd floor A wing renovation
  • 3rd floor B wing renovation
  • 1st thru 3rd floor Atrium renovation

This is an ongoing renovation project that sometimes requires unconventional methods to meet aggressive timeframes. Since most of this work is completed after hours scheduling is a challenge that requires alot of flexibility. This type of renovation takes alot of planning & coordination between trades to acheive the most effective results possible. Aera has many protocols & safety programs we are required to follow so safety training for our people is frequent. I remember working on this building when it first went up 20 years ago, so I’m proud Wallace & Smith chose Sweaney to renovate this big classic building.

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