Custom Foam Cornice Shapes

Here at Sweaney we have years of experience with foam cornice shapes! These are some of the foam cornice shapes we have used at Gosford Village retail shops. Foam shapes are more cost effective than wood framing, not to mention much lighter. Foam cornice can really add character to you buildings, let us help design some for your next project.

IMG_1248-1024x7641. This is the raw foam shape we start with

IMG_1256-1024x7642. We glue the shapes to the stucco (after brown coat)

IMG_1244-1024x7643. Apply stucco netting and a finish coat

IMG_05641-1024x7684. Apply finish coat the stucco surfaces.

IMG_05621-1024x768As you can see the foam cornice adds a lot of character to this retail building