Paramount Farms Citrus Plant

Sweaney contracted with Younglove Construction on this new citrus processing plant for Paramount Farms in Delano, Ca. This project included a 500,000 sq ft industrial warehouse, a 2 story office complex, truckers lounge, catwalk observation deck, employee break areas & restrooms. Sweaney provided the metal studs & drywall, plus a water drainage EIFS system on the exterior metal stud walls. Sweaney also had the opportunity to apply a weather resistant liquid barrier from Parex Corp. over the exterior gypsum sheathing.

Photo-001C-1024x540P1020056-1024x768First day of mobilization, iron workers are busy setting the structural steel members we will attach our exterior walls.

P1000988-1024x768This is 18 ga structural metal stud framing with extended deflection clips for attachment to the structural steel framework

P1000956-1024x768 P1000958-1024x768P1020071-1024x768If you notice on the right of this picture we had a 6″ seismic joint system where the building backed up against an existing concrete wall

P1020075-1024x768The interior framing was all full height 18 ga studs, the track was secured with Simpson Titen bolts

P1000990-1024x768The entire interior drywall surface is 5/8″ mold resistant drywall panels

P1000995-1024x768 P1000997-1024x768We used coreshaft system at the elevator shafts

P1010034-1024x768Sweaney performed all of the head of wall fire seal system on this project 

P1010040-1024x768This was a nice patio area we plastered outside the cafeteria, notice the concrete wainscot panels

P1020327-1024x768P1000996-1024x768 We installed almost 600 sheets of exterior gyp sheathing (exterior substrate) over the metal stud framing

P1020251-1024x768We are appling 2″ EPS foam panels over the exterior gypsum panels for the EIFS system

P1020253-1024x768Here you can see the grooved reveals we had to cut into the foam with a hot knife tool & cover with mesh & base coat

P1020262-1024x768Once the foam is all up & the reveals cut in, we start running mesh & base coat

P1020290-1024x768Sweaney installed a Parex moisture drainage EIFS system on this project

P1020290-1024x768 P1020292-1024x768