Hoffman Hospice Bakersfield Building Project

Hoffman Hospice: A Landmark Collaboration Between Sweaney Inc and Klassen Corporation in Bakersfield

When it comes to the realm of healthcare, aesthetics, and function are of paramount importance. It isn’t just about building walls and adding paint; it’s about creating a haven of peace, comfort, and healing. Hoffman Hospice, situated at 4401 Buena Vista Road, Bakersfield, CA, exemplifies this philosophy.

Project Breakdown

At the heart of this remarkable project lies the expertise of Sweaney Inc, a leading painting contractor in Bakersfield, and the architectural and design brilliance of Klassen Corporation. This project stands tall as a beacon of what quality collaboration in the field of healthcare construction looks like.

The 24,777 sq. ft. Hoffman Hospice facility is not only a first for California but is unique in the entire Western United States. As the only freestanding in-patient hospice home, its purpose and vision go beyond the ordinary.

Sweaney Inc’s Role in Bringing Hoffman Hospice to Life

As a renowned Bakersfield painting contractor, Sweaney Inc was entrusted with ensuring the interiors and exteriors of the hospice exuded a sense of warmth, homeliness, and tranquility. This wasn’t just another commercial project; it was a mission to provide a serene ambiance for both patients and their families.

The facility, with its 18 patient rooms, prayer chapel, family lounges, and dining areas, was designed with immense care and attention to detail. Every brush stroke, every wall, and every corner was treated with the utmost precision, in line with our reputation as a premier commercial painting contractor.

Why Collaborative Excellence Matters

Healthcare facilities, especially those as sensitive as hospices, require a unique touch. Klassen Corporation’s vision to provide hospice services for those in dire need found its perfect match with Sweaney Inc’s expertise in painting and drywall.

Hoffman Hospice is more than just a structure; it’s a manifestation of compassion, care, and community. Its exteriors mirror a beautiful home, a place of solace. It’s a testament to the fact that when the right teams come together, magic happens.


The Hoffman Hospice project underscores Sweaney Inc’s commitment to quality, expertise, and community well-being. As a trusted painting contractor in Bakersfield, our collaboration with Klassen Corporation has once again highlighted the power of blending art with architecture, all for a noble cause.